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SHISEIDO Prepare T Razor 3pcs

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Specification: 3pcs

Brand Territory: Japan

Includes 3 razors For small area around face. Compact blade for a precise shaving. The unique water-drop shape handle is easy and safe to shave. The blade has a safety guard to prevent over-shaving or cuts. Long lasting and rust-resistant.


It is a specification that is perfectly curved to match the roundness of the side. Two blades fit snugly and cleanly.


Platinum processing

How To Use

1. Before shaving, apply milky lotion or soap around eyebrow to lubricate skin.
2. Shave along the direction hair grows. To shave soft, thin hair on eye lid, Pull skin to make the lid flatter. Be careful not to cut your skin.
3. After shaving, apply lotion, milky lotion, and cream to moisturize skin.

Warm Reminder

Please use it up within the validity period to avoid deterioration of the product. Please follow the method of use, use the product correctly, and use it up within the validity period to ensure the quality of use. Products that have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged. Thank you for your understanding!


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    SHISEIDO Prepare T Razor 3pcs
    SHISEIDO Prepare T Razor 3pcs