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ST Premium Aroma 80ml

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Specification: 80ml

Brand Territory: Japan

The Premium Aroma series of diffusers produces a perfume-like aroma that diffuses from the stick through the blend of essential oils carefully selected by the perfumer. Helps deodorize the room, and the intensity of the fragrance can be adjusted by the number of counts. The black version is based on oriental floral fragrance.


The product can freshen the air and eliminate odors

How To Use

1. Put the glass bottle on a stable place, open the cap of the fragrance oil bottle, and pour all the oil into it.
2 . Insert the attached stick on the glass bottle. Do not touch the rod directly during use.

Warm Reminder

Please follow the method of use and use the product correctly to ensure the quality of the product used. Products that have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged. thank you!


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    ST Premium Aroma 80ml
    ST Premium Aroma 80ml
    ST Premium Aroma 80ml