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Eara Emulsion Remover Cleansing Wash 200ml

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Specification: 200ml

Brand Territory: Japan

Deep cleansing cleanser, prevents blackheads from forming, keeps skin clean, pores unblocked, smooth and radiant, and creates ceramic beautiful skin. 


Remove makeup residue, dust and dirt to deeply purify the skin.

How To Use

Apply after cleansing, before makeup or at night. Spray directly onto your face about 10 times. Excess oil, sebum impurities and other residues will be dissolved. Wipe away residue with a cotton pad or rinse gently with water.

Warm Reminder

Please use it up within the validity period to avoid deterioration of the product. Please follow the method of use, use the product correctly, and use it up within the validity period to ensure the quality of use. Products that have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged. Thank you for your understanding!


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Eara Emulsion Remover Cleansing Wash 200ml
Eara Emulsion Remover Cleansing Wash 200ml
Eara Emulsion Remover Cleansing Wash 200ml