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Deluxe Cool Tone Cosmetics Bag In LAMOUR 1set (14 items)

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The perfect choice for K-beauty and J-beauty Fans. Lamour offers the perfect set for cool-tone makeup enthusiasts. The entire set of products is valued at $168, now available at a 40%OFF, providing a one-stop solution for all your makeup needs. 

This Set Contains:
10 Full-sized Items
-KISS ME Heroine Make Long UP Mascara Super Waterproof 6g ($23.99 Value)🌟
-Peripera All Take Mood Technique Palette #04 In My Mute Pink 13.5g ($28.99 Value)🎨
-rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint #24 5.5g ($12.49 Value)💋
-GIRLCULT Emotional Series Blush 01 Dark Sugar 2g ($24.99 Value)
-NANALASHES Barbie Sunflower False Eyelashes W01 5pairs ($8.99 Value)
-MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown 0.55ml ($24.99 Value)
-rom&nd PVC Clear Toiletry Bag 1pc ($8.99 Value)
-Kanebo Puff Twaney Milan Collection Face Up Powder L Thick Type 1pc ($12.99 Value)
-rom&nd mini hand mirror&sticker pink 1pc ($5.99 Value)
-Milano collection blush brush 1pc ($12.99 Value)

FREE Samples!

-ZHUBEN Rhythm Botanical Purifying Cleansing Oil 45ml
-Sun Smile Shiny Nail Polisher Fuku 1pc
-I'm from Rice Toner Mini Size 30ml


The set includes Kbeauty & Jbeauty Hit items like the Peripera All Take Mood Technique Palette, along with perennial favorites such as the KISS ME Mascara that has consistently topped the charts.

How To Use

KISS ME Heroine Make Long UP Mascara Super Waterproof :
1. With inner curve of mascara brush, comb through mascara from the root to ends.
2. Flip the mascara brush and using outer curve, comb through lashes again and coat fine lashes.
Peripera All Take Mood Technique Palette:
Apply eyeshadow directly on and around eyelids with a blending brush or sponge tip. Pat down colour with fingertip to minimize fallout. Discover your favourite colour mixes.
rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint:
Apply a moderate amount along the natural edge of the lips using the tip of the applicator then fill out the inner part fully for a bold look.
Or apply gently from the inner lip to the outer lip line for gradation.
GIRLCULT Emotional Series Blush:
Apply with fingers or tool to create your own custom full face look.
Use each alone or in different combinations to create your unique makeup look.
NANALASHES Barbie Sunflower False Eyelashes:
Prepare Your Natural Lashes: Make sure your natural lashes are clean and free from any makeup or oils. This will help the false lashes adhere better.
Trim if Necessary: Measure the false lashes against your eyelid and trim them to fit your eye shape if they're too long.
Apply Glue: Squeeze a small amount of lash adhesive onto the back of your hand or a clean surface. Use a toothpick or a small applicator to apply a thin and even layer of glue along the lash band. Wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky.
Positioning: Using tweezers or your fingers, gently pick up the false eyelashes from the center. Position the lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible.
Adjustment: If needed, use the tweezers to adjust the position of the lashes, making sure they are aligned with your natural lash line. Press gently along the entire lash band to secure it in place.
Mascara and Blending: Apply a coat of mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false lashes. This will help create a more seamless look. Be careful not to overdo the mascara, as it might clump the false lashes.
MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner Dark Brown:
Draw the eye line alongside the eye and fill in the gaps between the eyelashes.

Warm Reminder

Please use it up within the validity period to avoid deterioration of the product. Please follow the method of use, use the product correctly, and use it up within the validity period to ensure the quality of use. Products that have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged. Thank you for your understanding! Thank you for your understanding! Please be advised products may be shipped with both new or old packaging. Rest assured the products themselves are new.


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Deluxe Cool Tone Cosmetics Bag In LAMOUR 1set (14 items)
Deluxe Cool Tone Cosmetics Bag In LAMOUR 1set (14 items)
Deluxe Cool Tone Cosmetics Bag In LAMOUR 1set (14 items)

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