The Biggest 2023 Beauty Trends You Need To Know C-Beauty

If you are an Asian beauty lover, you’ll be familiar with the terms K-beauty and J-beauty. Featuring their signature products like Korean sheet masks and Japanese sunscreens, both have garnered cult followings in recent decades. Although we hold an equal appreciation for C, J, and K-beauty, it's important to highlight the growing influence of C-beauty. Now, it’s time to meet some of China's rising product stars!

Why C-beauty becomes so popular?

Left-Novoland: Pearl Eclipse; Right-The Sword and the Brocade

In the last few years, the wave of Chinese drama has swept the world, especially Ancient Chinese drama. The fantasy depictions from drama generally go beyond people's imaginations, featuring vivid colors, elaborate costumes, and fantastic makeup that leave viewers speechless.

Similar to J-Beauty or K-Beauty, Chinese cosmetics brands have a unique look and feel that is particularly appealing to new-age beauty consumers. For example, the makeup brand Florasis derives its aesthetics and storytelling from Chinese heritage. Its incredible packaging designs are a hit among Generation Z and millennial consumers.

FLORASIS Exquisite Design Inspired by Dynamic Dai Art

Another reason is that C-beauty has gained prominence on social media, driven by the Douyin makeup trend on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Douyin makeup is a hit Chinese makeup style typically with shimmery eyeshadow, natural pink blush, and blurred lips. And the most essential beauty tip is flawless and glowing skin. The overall makeup goal is to achieve a gentle, innocent, and feminine appearance.

Are Beauty products from China safe?

The answer is YES! The Chinese government enforces more stringent regulations on the cosmetics industry compared to the US or Europe, all products meet specific safety standards before they are allowed to be sold. Additionally, the majority of reputable Chinese brands use premium ingredients and adhere to following the proper manufacturing process.

The growing awareness of Chinese makeup and skincare brands is evident, as more and more consumers are not only trying these products but also becoming captivated by their effects.

Here, we round up 5 hottest beauty products from China, worth checking out:


Setting powder from FLORASIS draws inspiration from Chinese medicine, incorporating floral essences to hide pores and deliver enriching elements for achieving a flawless finish. The powder is ultra-fine and silky, you can touch it up easily and freely. It is formulated with oil-controlling, long-lasting, and pore-minimizing and is suitable for all skin types plus an ultra-soft powder puff.



    02 Voile
    Translucent shade for all skin tones; Safe for oily and sensitive skin.



    05 Lavender
    Light mist purple, corrector to brighten sallow tones



    K03 Mist
    Perfect for oily skin; translucent matte, for all skin tones.



TIMAGE is a well-known brand by a Chinese celebrity makeup artist with 20 years of makeup experience and with millions of fans on Douyin (Chinese Tiktok). Its brand style is towards a stable and pragmatic approach, minimizing fancy tricks. The primary focus is on addressing shared makeup-related concerns and requirements.


We can never have too many lip products, if you want to add a lip serum for daily makeup, Flortte Lip Gloss Serum will have you smitten. They're moisturizing, housed in cute kitten packaging, and well-priced at under $8 CAD. The lip serum is profoundly hydrating but has no oiliness and stickiness, and has a jelly-like texture as it fills the fine line on the lips.


Judydoll's rise to fame can be attributed to its fearless and unapologetic use of vibrant colors, positioning color as a powerful form of self-expression. The multi-purpose contouring and highlighting palette feature a pair of stunning matte and luminous highlighter shades. These shades work together to provide a radiant and youthful complexion, imparting a natural glow to your skin.


Joocyee, a relatively new brand, has gained fame for its highlighter palettes, its blush products offering have also surged in popularity, becoming highly coveted items. Its blush has a smooth texture and intense color payoff, making the application effortless and blending seamless. The upgraded formula ensures your blush stays vibrant and lightweight throughout the day.