Steal the Look | New Jeans is bringing back the style Trend- Y2K

Ever since their introduction in 2022, the popular monster rookie girl group New Jeans is seen as representative of the Y2K aesthetic, seen in music videos for their hit songs like OMG and Cookie. To summarize, because of how extremely popular Y2K fashion has become in South Korea due to NewJeans’ influence, the Y2K fashion era is coming back.
We will figure out how to look cute and Y2K style by learning it from the fashion icons, New Jeans!

What is Y2K?

Y2K style also known as "millennial" or "Gen-Z" fashion, is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It looks like we're revisiting the 2000s in terms of what we wear.
When discussing the Y2K aesthetic, you can sum it up in one word, “Playful”. The eclectic, mismatched, and colorful styling blurs the rules of fashion.
Today in 2023 you can add on your little craziness to be a part of it!

Be a part of Y2K

Like every aesthetic, the Y2K style is not for everyone. If you really want to add a nostalgic touch to your outfits, then we recommend accessorizing first. Finish it off with candy-colored accessories, jewelry, or makeup to complete a lovely Y2K look without being too over-the-top.
It’s not that difficult to catch the Y2K trend! Try them out, and maybe the Y2K aesthetic will be a highlight in your style!

Butterfly hair clips

Butterfly clips are a definite must-have for all Y2K style enthusiasts. These clips not only radiate cuteness but also come in a wide array of colors, making it easy to match them with any outfit.  Whether you prefer larger, eye-catching butterfly clips, or like Hyein, lean into more delicate designs. These hair accessories are certain to infuse your Y2K style with a playful and charming hairstyle.

Beaded Phone Charm

Yes, those tiny decorations we used to customize our Motorola flip phones are back. The beaded phone charms inject a touch of 'fun' into your outfits and provide a unique charm due to their playful essence. This accessory retains memories of more lighthearted moments—additionally, their appeal in mirror selfies is undeniable.


Member HaeRin participated in the film of a "What's In My Bag" video with the fashion magazine, and she had the usual items with her such as Airpods and a hairclip. The idol uses hairclips for a variety of different reasons. They use it to clip hair while washing up, but more importantly, it’s made hairstyle fun and fresh again.

Soft-color Makeup

The key to their stunning makeup looks is highlighting the traits they already have rather than attempting to change them.  New Jeans’ makeup varied depending on the member but remained reasonably light and subtle. The makeup artist seemingly made use of lighter colors and focused on key points, whether it was naturally shadow,  glitter, or blush. 

Stud Earring

In addition to the mix, memories of our past days wearing low-riding jeans came to mind. We have to add earrings to our Y2K outfit. It is irresistible to go back to the basic sparkle stud earrings as their petite size ensures they remain securely in place on your earlobe, without any risk of slipping or turning backwards. If anything, these are the most low-maintenance type of earrings, making them the perfect everyday article of jewelry.