Omamori: Guide to Choosing and Using Japan’s Lucky Charm

In Japan, Omamori symbolizes wishes and desires. Originally used for warding off evil and dispelling misfortune, Omamori has evolved to cover aspects such as traffic safety, childbirth, good relationships, academic success, and health. Many travelers visiting Japan often stop by shrines or temples to pray and purchase Omamori as protective charms or as souvenirs for friends and family.


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Sensoji Temple's Omamori Black

Omamori for wealth and fortune, dedicated to Daikokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology. Enhance your luck, attract prosperity, and invite benevolent individuals into your life.


  • Ideal for those seeking a beautiful relationship or hoping for a smooth transition from singlehood. Purchase a pair for stability in existing relationships and the promise of a joyous union.

  • Symbolizing health, longevity, business prosperity, and financial success. Place the Money Turtle in your wallet to attract wealth, safeguard finances, and ward off negative influences.

  • A charm dedicated to praying for good health and recovery from illness. Suitable for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for children and the elderly to ensure well-being.

Sensoji Temple Omori Traffic Safety 

Ensures safe travels, keeping accidents at bay. Comes with an exquisite bell accessory, perfect for hanging in your car or carrying it with you for both functionality and style.


Usage precautions for Omamori

1. Do Not Open Omamori

Most Omamori contain enclosed scriptures, but remember not to open Omamori arbitrarily. Once you open it, the divine power of Omamori will disappear, and it loses its protective function.

2. Omamori has an Expiry Date

The typical usage period for Omamori is usually one year. However, it does not automatically expire after one year. After a certain period, if Omamori shows signs of damage or gets soiled, its effectiveness will gradually weaken. Therefore, it needs to be replaced with a new one. Purchasing a new Omamori at this time can ensure continuous protection and blessings.

3. Correct Way to Wear

Most Omamori are meant to be carried by the owner. It should be placed in the upper clothing pocket or can be hung on a handbag or backpack. Be careful not to soil it and try to avoid putting it in the lower pocket. If it is an Omamori for academic success, you can hang it on your school bag or put it in a pencil case. For traffic safety Omamori, you can hang it in your car, and for good fortune in wealth, you can place it in your wallet.

4. Borrow and Return

Regardless of whether the wish is ultimately fulfilled, Omamori should be returned to the original shrine for renewal or as an expression of gratitude within one year. If it is inconvenient to go to a temple or shrine, you can handle it at home. Prepare half a sheet of white paper, coarse salt, a lighter, and follow the steps below:


① Wrap Omamori with half a sheet of white paper

② Sprinkle coarse salt with a grateful heart

③ Then ignite the white paper and rinse off the ashes with water

④ If burning is not suitable, you can dispose of it in the trash with a grateful heart.